PS: This is not a money grab! We are the only Amazon FBA course that does not charge anything upfront because our commitment to building women entrepreneurs is real. So we run small cohorts, after carefully selecting applicants in order to ensure the quality of instruction and success rate of our students. We don’t have lengthy sales pages. If you have a question, just get in touch.

Payment Policy: Students pay the fee after attending 3 free sessions. If they don’t see the value in it, they can just walk away!

PS II: Also, all our courses are held on-premises. We believe that Real & Impactful startup mentorship cannot be provided remotely. We currently provide training programs in London, Edinburgh, Boston, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Dubai & Kuala Lumpur. We are slowly expanding to other cities through collaborations with student unions and universities.

PS III: The next cohort will open in May 2023. Keep Watching This Space for Updates